Design isn’t a simple science. There’s always something to be explained, and preferably illustrated. Even other design professionals need detailed briefings and good sources of supporting information, and when you’re working with a complex concept, this information has to be well organized. In construction, there are multiple interested parties, all of whom need specific data throughout their involvement in projects. This is the basis upon which construction software has evolved to provide thorough, well-structured briefing capabilities with data backup.

Briefings and information presentation structures

The type of briefing has a lot to do with the type of information drafting services required, and how it needs to be set out and presented to an audience:

Preliminary briefings: These are fundamental orientation- style briefings, starting from the ground up, containing all the basic information regarding a project and supplementary information sources. Interestingly, these are also the most demanding briefings, and with the widest audience. They need to be comprehensive to the extent of covering natural demand for information. The presentation will be based on core facts, with some development in terms of presentation to show how the concept will work and how the project's various physical and financial functions will operate.
Technical briefings: Far more detailed, and often wide-ranging, the demand for specific information is much higher in technical briefings. This briefing is intended to supply data to experts, and it needs to have both good primary information and supporting sources.
Corporate and financial briefings: As tough as the technical briefings, and needing a good capacity to show data and progressions of project information as required. This needs excellent database capabilities, and very strong presentation values for each topic.

3D CAD is the product of these demands. It includes a full suite of capabilities to cover all areas of demand for information. In the construction industry, if you look at top of the range 3D CAD products like Tekla, you’ll see a very practical approach to these critically important areas, systematically laid out to provide both high presentation values and best practice information structuring.

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