Most seasons there are 3 or 4 top tier Tight Ends and the rest a mixed bag of upside. So your left with the choice of go big or go cheap. The 2010 fantasy football season offers 9 Tight Ends that could finish with very solid numbers. Let’s have a look:

1 Dallas Clark IND $18
2 Antonio Gates SD $17
3 Vernon Davis SF $15
4 Jason Witten DAL $12
5 Tony Gonzalez ATL $10
6 Jermicael Finley GB $10
7 Owen Daniels HOU $10
8 Visanthe Shiancoe MN $9
9 Brent Celek PHI $ 8
10 Chris Cooley WAS $5
11 Heath Miller PIT $3
12 Greg Olsen CHI $1
13 Kellen Winslow TB $1

You could easily make arguments to move any of the top 9 up a few spots or down a few spots. I think the best approach is to target value. If you can get Clark, Gates or Davis for anything less then our amounts then go for it, but there is no need to over spend on them. Just make sure you get one of the top 9. Celek, Shiancoe, Daniels and Finley all have huge upside. They are all great value plays. Don’t miss the top 9 as Cooley does not have near the potential as the names above him.

We fully acknowledge that we are higher then most on Jason Witten. We believe in the Cowboys and their passing game. Be aware that if you feel the same way you can probably get Witten at value in your auction.

For those playing in leagues with Flex positions you could actually see a couple แจกเครดิตฟรี ufabet TE get started in that Flex spot. If players in your auction let any of the top 9 TE go for too cheap don’t be afraid to scoop up 2 of them.

This is the year of the TE so set your strategy to take advantage of that fact and revel in such an oddity.


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